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Genedata Screener Time-Series Extension

Genedata has introduced Screener Time-Series Extension (TSE), a new module to the Genedata Screener version 10 and a solution for integrated and interactive analysis of time-series data. TSE supports, in parallel, multiple read-outs from a range of experiments such as calcium mobilisation, label-free and ion-channel assays. Its single-platform integration with a variety of instruments streamlines workflows and improves the efficiency of data analysis in discovery research. Additional capabilities include enhanced support for thermal shift assays and improved visualisation of time traces.

Designed for all plate-based screening data analysis, Genedata Screener 10 features additional extensions, including High Content Extension for high-content data integration, image access and display, feature combination and clustering; and Cell Population Extension for interactive definition and aggregation of cell populations. These extensions are enabled by the new Genedata Screener 10 architecture, which advances the solution's flexibility and adaptation to customer-specific experimental settings.


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