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Genedata Biologics 2.5

Genedata has released Genedata Biologics 2.5, the latest version of its enterprise solution for biologics R&D. Among the new features are extended sequence annotation capabilities that include interfaces for registration of advanced custom annotation workflows for antibody engineering, and comprehensive antibody hierarchy reporting that provides single-page reports showing all derived children clones and corresponding sequence and assay results, expression system changes and molecule format changes. Extended workflow support also covers variants of hybridoma and B-cell workflows.

Out-of-the-box sequence analysis workflows are included for high-throughput antibody reformatting and other molecular biology activities. A fully automated antibody identity recovery engine supports bulk laboratory operations, such as bulk reformatting, general bulk sub-cloning and bulk re-streaking. Comprehensive cell line modelling is also provided, including cell line hierarchies for protein production both for standard hosts and developed cell lines, support for cell line development campaigns and ready access to key performance indicators of all cell lines and required culture protocol information.


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