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Genedata Expressionist Refiner Genome module

Genedata has introduced its Genedata Expressionist Refiner Genome module, a data processing and analysis application for next-generation sequencing and genomic profiling. Featuring a flexible genomic browser capable of visualising terabytes of data, the product addresses whole genome analysis, including transcriptome, DNA methylome, gene regulation, copy number variations, and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). The Genomic Analysis Laboratory at the Salk Institute is providing feedback on the Expressionist Refiner Genome module focusing specifically on whole genome analysis including DNA methylation.

Genedata Expressionist Refiner Genome is a unified system that bridges the gap between data generation and the ability to process, analyse and visualise massive amounts of genomic data. Genedata Expressionist is vendor- and technology-independent, maximising the value of high throughput genomics experiments in combinations such as next-generation sequencing.

An enterprise solution built on client-server architecture, Genedata Expressionist integrates with existing IT infrastructures. Its proven workflow system for automation of recurrent processes provides for improved communication and knowledge sharing while increasing productivity. Additionally, Genedata Expressionist's audit trails and reporting capabilities ensure data integrity and facilitate FDA submissions.


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