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Genedata Expressionist 7.0

Genedata has released the latest version of its Expressionist software for mass spectrometry. A complete, enterprise-level solution for managing and analysing large amounts of mass spectrometry (MS) data, Genedata Expressionist 7.0 advances quantitative measurement of proteomics with support for Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM), as well as metabolomics with support for infusion approaches. Unicode support of special characters in experiment names or annotations (including Japanese) and improved handling of multiplex experiments are also among the latest enhancements.

Integrating and analysing a wide variety of proteomics and metabolomics workflows, Genedata Expressionist processes large experimental data sets from all major vendors and technology platforms – regardless of data formats. The system's data analysis and management capabilities are magnified with comprehensive, interactive visualisations at every processing step. The release of Genedata Expressionist 7.0 addresses researchers' demands for enhanced support of MRM- and infusion-derived data.

Adduct detection is provided for 1D as well as 2D data, and 1D- and 2D-peak clusters are intuitively visualised in multi-colour formats. Improved handling of multiplex experiments such as TMT and iTRAQ is realised with the ability to export data on-demand or store in tables. The Genedata Expressionist system, which includes a rich statistical toolbox for a wide range of data analysis requirements, can visualise statistically significant marker candidates on a raw data level.


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