Genedata Expressionist 5.0

Genedata has released Genedata Expressionist version 5.0, its enterprise high-throughput biomarker discovery platform.  

Supporting a wide array of omics technologies, Genedata Expressionist 5.0 easily handles the ever-increasing throughput, size and complexity of datasets to perform truly integrated analysis. 

The new release provides significantly enhanced data processing and management features for quantitative and qualitative biomarker development: 

  • Increased accuracy in classification analysis through the use of ROC curves, k-fold cross validation and a host of other new tools
  • Enhanced cross-omics analysis with ExpressMap for cross-validation of expression data from different platforms or comparison of treatment effects in different samples
  • Improved analysis of ontology relationships through a Gene Ontology browser
  • Deeper understanding of relationships between individual groups of genes, proteins or metabolites through the use of correlation networks
  • Enhanced PDF reports including new intuitive visualisation features
  • Support for most recent Affymetrix GeneChip exon arrays 
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