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Gemini flash memory array

Nimbus Data Systems has unveiled its Gemini series of flash memory arrays with patent-pending parallel memory architecture capable of 12 Gbytes/sec and more than one million IOps. Further features include 10-year endurance that supports up to 1 PB of weekly data writes without performance loss and up to 48 TB of flash capacity in 2U, achieving 1 PB and 20 million IOps per rack.

The fully-redundant ‘hot-swap everything’ design of the Gemini system offers dual controllers, non-disruptive software updates and intuitive lights-out management in one system. The company states that unlike IO-bound off-the-shelf servers and disk arrays that don't harness the performance potential of solid state technology, Gemini offers six times more bandwidth through a non-blocking design. This Parallel Memory Architecture (PMA) enables all flash drives to operate at full speed in unison, providing scalability for virtualised infrastructures that depend on low-latency, high throughput storage.


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