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Forte CFD

Reaction Design has introduced Forte, a CFD package for realistic 3D modelling of fuel effects in internal combustion engines. Incorporating advanced spray models, as well as high-fidelity fuel chemistry models, Forte CFD delivers simulation accuracy and speed that enables clean and efficient engine design. Forte CFD provides accurate results in just hours where traditional CFD tools would take days or weeks.

Forte CFD enables accurate simulations using detailed chemistry mechanisms. The mechanisms for real fuel chemistry that can be used in Forte are backed by research within the Model Fuels Consortium, which has extensively validated model predictions over the wide range of pressures, temperatures and equivalence ratios important for advanced designs. While existing CFD simulation packages cannot handle the complexity of real fuel models, Forte CFD simplifies and accelerates the chemistry calculations that are required to achieve high levels of accuracy with time-to-solution metrics that fit in commercial-development timeframes.


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