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Formedix launches community forum to support clinical trial industry

Formedix, a provider of clinical trial software solutions, announces the launch of the Formedix ryze Community, to provide their customers with a location to collaborate, expand their knowledge and share information. 

Through a range of tools, the ryze Community will support the pharmaceutical industry to streamline and enhance clinical trial set-up and build. The new platform includes a user forum and knowledge base, allowing customers to learn from the wider scientific community and optimise their use of the ryze clinical metadata repository (CMDR) and study automation platform, to drive efficiency and quality in their clinical trials.

Through the user forum, contract research organisations and pharmaceutical companies using ryze can share insights and start discussions with their industry peers and Formedix’s experts, enabling knowledge sharing on metadata management challenges and solutions. Users can also use the forum to suggest and vote on product enhancements, as well as ideas for future software solutions and features. This forms a direct connection between customers and Formedix’s product developers – allowing ryze users to shape the future of the software.

For flexible learning, the knowledge base includes a range of written and video resources, including how-to guides, industry best practices and standards, and information on new functionalities within the ryze software.

'We are still seeing siloed knowledge across the industry, meaning companies aren’t often using the available technology and processes to their fullest capacity,' said Gilbert Hunter, Customer Success Manager, Formedix. 'Formedix has created the ryze Community in response to customer requests for this type of resource and support. By providing them with a platform to share insights, we hope more organizations will feel empowered and informed to optimize their clinical study builds through standardisation and automation, ultimately accelerating the delivery of safe and efficacious drugs to patients. ryze was built with user-friendliness in mind, and the new community will help ensure users take advantage of the software’s full capabilities and functionalities to achieve significant time and cost savings.'

To see how the ryze Community works, please watch our introductory video here.


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