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Adept Scientific is distributing Weisang's new version of its FlexPro analysis and presentation software, simultaneously in German and English, in the UK, Germany and Nordic regions. The main objective behind the development of FlexPro 8 was to increase developer and end user productivity.

FlexPro uses a unique way to link raw data, analyses and presentations to a dynamic object network that is now even easier to navigate. The new 'Object Hierarchy' window displays a report in a hierarchical structure using objects ranging from documents, via diagrams and analyses down to the raw data. Dynamic Help in FlexPro offers new users a variety of help topics covering the currently active workspace or the selected object.

FlexPro's data cursors are an important interactive data analysis tool and have been completely revised. Curves can be easily translated in the diagram plane using the mouse or keyboard, for instance. The Coordinates Window displays custom coordinates that can either be selected from a list or programmed in FPScript. The worksheet, which is used for cursoring in diagrams, can now handle up to 16 diagrams and can be freely split into layers using the mouse.

The new function for curve dimensioning adds boundary lines, perpendicular lines, tangents, dimension lines, symbols or tolerance bands to a diagram. FlexPro diagrams have been expanded to include a wide range of new design elements such as orientation arrows and curve labels.

FlexPro 8 takes into account the continuously growing volumes of data generated when capturing dynamic processes. The sizes of FlexPro's project databases and individual data sets and are only limited by the available hard disk space. On multi-processor systems, FlexPro Professional performs parallel processing of calculations on data arrays and handles processor intensive operations in the background.

FlexPro 8 offers developers who design analysis algorithms in FlexPro's native FPScript programming language a new Code Editor with syntax highlighting and a wide range of wizard functions. The debugger is now integrated in the user interface and displays vectorial interim results and the content of variables in a Watch Window. When adding new objects, FlexPro 8 verifies the data types and structures of the selected data, thus preventing many errors from ever occurring.

Improvements have also been made to mainstream analyses offered as analysis objects. For instance, the 'Event Isolation' analysis object finds not only logical links of events, such as slopes or level crossings, but also sequences of these events. 


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