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Cresset has released FieldView, its powerful new molecular fields visualiser, designed to create, modify, view and compare molecules along with their associated field patterns and physiochemical properties. This provides a richer more informative view of how molecules behave in biological systems.

FieldView provides molecular editing tools that allow the creation, cloning and modification of molecules and chemical series. Up to 10,000 compounds can be loaded and displayed with their molecular fields either individually, overlaid, or side-by-side. Generating a wide range of physicochemical properties, FieldView allows user-defined filtering of the structures to find and display those with the specific mix of desired properties.

FieldView automatically converts small molecules loaded in 2D from SDF or MOL2 files into minimised 3D conformations with their associated fields. It can also visualise results from any of Cresset's other field-based tools, as well those saved in Cresset's native XED file format.