Exemplar NGS LIMS

Sapio Sciences has announced the release of Exemplar NGS LIMS, which can track multiple next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform workflows from request through to processing and analysis.

Exemplar’s NGS LIMS features the following:

  • Pre-built, CLIA standard, workflows for leading NGS platform;

  • Instrument integrations with NGS platforms and leading QC instruments;

  • Support for automation via integration with leading robotic sample preparation platforms;

  • Highly graphical and intuitive interface;

  • Graphical executive dashboard for viewing of lab activity in any timeframe;

  • Complete consumables management for reagents and other consumables with re-order alerts;

  • 100 per cent web based solution with no extra software required on the client;

  • Tablet enabled for usage on iPads and other tablets; and

  • Scalable from small labs to large, multi-national, multi-lab deployments.

Exemplar NGS LIMS is targeted at NGS labs, but retains the full capability of the Exemplar ecosystem to address laboratory requirements.

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