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eStudy is your single-source solution to manage multiple study types from protocol through to final report.  Designed with the end result in mind – eStudy captures all study data in a relational manner so it can be queried, analysed and reported comprehensively and efficiently.

The user-defined/user-controlled approach taken with eStudy does not dictate your study design – you do!

Identify, Define and Design:
eStudy steps you through the standard scientific research process to identify, define and design your study.  You are provided a hierarchy of Project > Study > Experiment to organise your study.  Each experiment automatically generates an electronic notebook to contain the eStudy data collection forms which you have defined and designed.

Data collection forms are presented in a grid-controlled format and can be designed with queries/conditions and formulas that auto-calculate after the data is entered.  Data collection form templates are saved in the eStudy Resource library and are available for continued use or cloning to modify for additional studies types.

Capture Data:
The eStudy Notebook provides and environment for users to capture data while adhering to GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance regulations. In addition to collecting data manually or directly form laboratory instruments, users can also free-text notes or upload attachments (such as images) to the study.

Query and Analyze:
eStudy has the built-in ability to query and analyse data without the data leaving its compliant environment, thus, saving much QA time as compared to exporting the data for analysis in 3rd party statistical packages. eStudy accommodates data export and import however, it does not restrict you.

Report Data in Seconds:
The big pay off is in ePublisher’s reporting.  Data can be pulled from multiple data sources simultaneously, assembled and formatted into one document within seconds.

A simple 3-step process:
1. Select your Report Template (previously designed by the user),
2. Select your content (all data?...or pare it down?)
3. Click “Generate Report” and your ad-hoc, status or comprehensive final report generates in seconds complete with text, tables and images.  Output formats include .rtf, .pdf, Excel or go directly to your document management system.

Generated reports retain word processing formats and can contain user-defined report tables from eStudy that auto-populate or auto-calculate the returned data on-the-fly as the report is generated.

eStudy is a 100 per cent web-based product that is offered Hosted or Installed. ePublisher is offered as a standard function of eStudy or as an installed, stand-alone product.  It is never too soon to improve productivity, reduce time-to-results and increase your bottom-line.

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