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Bricscad V10 for Linux

Bricsys has released Bricscad V10 for Linux. Bricscad V10 is a CAD platform for the .dwg file format. The Linux community so far had no access to .dwg-based CAD, commonly accepted as the standard CAD file format.

This first release of Bricscad V10 for Linux is supplied with the complete LISP, DCL and Diesel API’s. Encryption is available for commercial LISP-based applications and users can run their LISP routines without any modification. Depending on the demand of application developers, Bricsys will extend the set of API’s for the Linux platform.

Initially Bricscad will support three Linux types: Fedora 12 or higher, OpenSuse 11.1 or higher and Ubuntu 9.10 or higher. The English version of Bricscad V10 for Linux is available in the Bricsys e-store. The other 15 language versions will soon be available.


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