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Energain Thermal Mass Builder

DuPont Building Innovations and Environmental Design Solution Ltd (EDSL), one of the UK's leading building simulation software houses, have developed an innovative program to simulate the performance of DuPont Energain, a phase change material that acts in panel form as a lightweight thermal mass solution.

This modelling software called Energain Thermal Mass Builder helps architects, engineering offices and specifiers accurately and quickly determine the impact of DuPont Energain on a building's energy and interior comfort. The software interfaces with EDSL's established Tas Building Designer software which is approved by the CLG (Communities and Local Government) for both Building Regulation Part L2 and the Energy Performance Certificate calculations.

EDSL Tas Building Designer software has a modular design and is split into three main programs, the 3D Modeller, Building Simulator and Results Viewer. The intuitive Windows interface has features such as undo/redo, drag drop, context menus etc. all making the software more productive and easier to use. The program architecture clearly defines the simulation workflow process facilitating methodical working by the Engineer.

DuPont Energain works by employing the capability of the phase change material to absorb and release heat. Simply put, the panel consists of a compound with a melting point of 22°C, at which stage it begins to absorb heat from the room and to store it. When the interior temperature drops back to 18°C, it re-solidifies and releases warmth back into the room.


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