Electro v7

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Integrated Engineering Software has launched version 7.0 of its Electro electric field solver software for applications such as high voltage, shielding, cables, transformers, insulators, bushings, arresters and printed circuit boards.

The key enhancement to the latest version is the new Material Manager. Every design utilises different materials in order to explore the possibility of finding a more cost effective way to build a device. The device may need to employ alloys to work better, faster or cheaper than its competitor. Version 7.0 allows the designer to easily select a variety of material options in the prototyping stage to ascertain which material works best when all other parameters relevant to the design are taken into account.

Engineers can create custom material libraries that can be shared with different models and subsequent designs. These libraries are easily loaded within an existing design and can be added to the Model Materials trivially. In addition, material's curves can now be specified by formula. So, for example, it can specify that the current density is related to the electric field squared. The curves are displayed graphically if a material is defined by a formula.

Electro calculates electric field strength, force, torque, and transmission line parameters.  Integrated's powerful parametric solvers allow designers to automatically vary and experiment with geometry, materials and sources – reducing the tedious, repetitive task of fine–tuning multiple design parameters.  Electro version 7.0 also combines improvements in the ability to handle transient problems. The types of possible transients have been significantly increased.  One such new transient feature is the ability to model lightening strikes. The Full Impulse Wave excitation approximates the voltage shape of such a physical phenomena.