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Version 9.1

Integrated Engineering Software has introduced the Integrated API (Application Programming Interface) across its simulation software suite with the release of the version 9.1 upgrade.

The Integrated API enables smart automation scripting and provides design engineers with an intuitive method of controlling the interface. This supplements the existing interactive, parametric and batch modes. With direct access to the internal workings of each software program in the suite, users are able write new specific analysis applications to meet their own needs and ability. Existing applications can be connected to integrated software programs through the Integrated API, without either application requiring prior knowledge of the other.

Custom analysis tools can also be constructed. A programmer can write a script, or full program, describing how to build and analyse a specific problem with selected user controls, and can then use the integrated program through the API to provide the analytical tools. The dedicated user guide included within the program, enables samples to be written as Excel Macros with Visual Studio solutions/projects.

Further features of the upgrade include faster mesh generation; a more efficient use of parallel processing for the FEM solver and, in general, for post-processing operations; and an auto solver setting that will make the choice of FEM or BEM based on the general nature of the model.  Either option can still be forced manually.


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