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Ecoserver from GPU-Tech is a workstation based on graphics processing units (GPUs) that is cheap, powerful and eco-friendly. Ecoserver consumes almost 10 times less energy than equivalent CPU solutions.

With four graphic cards in a single box users can obtain sustained power of 500Gflops for algorithms found in libraries like BLAS or LAPACK using Ecolib on Ecoserver 500.

The core of the server is the latest ATI HD 2900 XT GPU with 1Go DDR4 512 bits and 320 ALU in pipeline, perfect for number crunching. A motherboard equipped with a quadcore Intel Q6600 and 8Go DDR2 800Mhz hosts four ATI HD 2900 XT graphic cards and consumes a total of 800W.

The Ecolib API and Libraries allows users to import applications and time critical algorithms to the GPU. Currently, Ecolib is the only GPU programming platform offering you the possibility to program in double precision.

Ecolib is available for Windows and GPU-Tech will soon be launching a version for Linux and MacOS. Ecolib can also be used for Grid computing.


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