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Dotmatics supports processing of experimental data

Dotmatics has announced it has been selected by Umicore Corporate Research and Development as informatics partner for its Corporate R&D (CRD) digitalisation project.

The strategic agreement to implement core elements of Dotmatics’ R&D innovation platform within CRD, including electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), initially covers over 200 users and is set to run over the next 5 years.

Technology is at the core of Umicore’s success as the Company applies its unique expertise in materials science, chemistry, and metallurgy to offer solutions that enable customers to develop more sophisticated, sustainable, and safer products for cleaner mobility and other products that are essential in everyday life.

‘At Umicore, we use the power of technology, innovation, and data to develop materials for a better life,' said Yves Van Rompaey, SVP Corporate Research & Development of Umicore.  'Our forward-looking approach and R&D digitalisation project with the Dotmatics Platform will strengthen our world-class in-house expertise in metallurgy, chemistry and material science, allowing our Corporate R&D scientists to get the most out of all their data and further speed up innovation and process technologies.’

Dotmatics’ platform was selected to give Umicore CRD scientists access to their data while reducing IT complexity through data standardisation. Using highly configurable role-based workflows, researchers will be able to capture key scientific and operational data from design of experiments and resource planning through to executing lab activities, all with high fidelity in an Experiment Management System (EMS). The set of high-quality FAIR data (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) can be analysed to gain deep scientific insights that better inform R&D decision making. Umicore CRD scientists will have the ability to share results efficiently, avoid unnecessary rework, and streamline projects through knowledge re-use.

'We’re thrilled to have been selected by Umicore Corporate R&D for their transformational digitisation project,' said Mike McKee, President of Dotmatics. 'The impact of the data-driven scientific research that companies like Umicore are leading cannot be understated — it will fuel the materials innovation key to making the world a healthier, cleaner, safer place to live.'


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