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DiscoveryGate Web Service

Symyx has released DiscoveryGate Web Service, providing programmable access to the DiscoveryGate content platform that hosts current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology, bioactivity and toxicology information from Symyx and participating content providers.

DiscoveryGate Web Service builds upon the successful 2007 deployment of the Symyx Available Chemicals Directory (ACD) Web Service at major research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. Symyx ACD Web Service is enabling more than 6,000 scientists worldwide to access Available Chemicals Directory using more than 20 in-house applications.

In addition to delivering Symyx Discovery, Synthesis, Pharmacology, and Sourcing content to customers for use in their own in-house applications, the DiscoveryGate Web Service also provides a content platform for delivering context-relevant information to Symyx Notebook, the Symyx Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system, and to the next generation of the DiscoveryGate content platform currently in development.


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