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DDT version 3.0

Allinea Software has released a debugger for parallel computing on systems with hundreds of thousands of processor cores that deliver Pflops performance. This new version shortens debugging time and improves efficiency for small and mid-scale users; however the new technology it incorporates also makes debugging possible for the first time for users of the world’s largest supercomputers as they approach petascale performance.

Allinea DDT 3.0 is based on a new tree-based architecture that provides a logarithmic improvement in both scalability and response time. The enhanced user interface makes it easy to debug from small to very large scales, and large-scale users will be able to manage programs that can run on supercomputers. New features of the software include Smart Highlighting, enhanced C++ features, and new support for the most complex and demanding codes.

DDT was recently selected as the parallel debugger for one of the world’s first Cray XE6 installations. The debugger was chosen for this latest generation supercomputer following a competitive tender by the US National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), the flagship scientific computing facility for the Office of Science at the US Department of Energy.


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