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Allinea MAP

Allinea Software has launched a new performance analysis tool, Allinea MAP. The result of collaboration between Allinea and high-performance computing (HPC) labs, this latest tool favours a dynamic sampling engine that claims to scale tens of thousands of processes, while increasing the total runtime by just five per cent.

'We were able to cheat a bit by building on top of Allinea DDT's infrastructure,' commented David Lecomber, CTO at Allinea Software. 'We already had an infrastructure to launch and merge data proven at 275,000 processes. This gave us a common visual interface over the entire Allinea environment as well as saving development time, which let us focus much more on the user experience.'

Steven Jarvis, head of the High Performance Systems Group at Warwick University, UK, added: ‘When we profile code, the simplest metrics are sometimes the trickiest to collect. A lightweight tool like Allinea MAP lets us get this key performance data faster.' Jarvis' group reviewed and advised on several iterations of Allinea MAP.


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