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Agilent Enterprise Edition

Agilent Technologies has announced the latest generation of its Automated Compliance Engine for Agilent Enterprise Edition compliance services. The updated software enables delivery of more reliable, secure and cost-efficient analytical instrument qualification services to the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, Agilent Enterprise Edition is able to get systems in cGMP-compliant labs validated and back into production faster.

Agilent Enterprise Edition delivers compliance services that are consistent across techniques for a broad range of analytical instruments and computer systems from multiple vendors. It provides a selection of equipment qualification plans, tailored equipment qualification reports and flexible test specifications to accommodate standard operating procedures. The new compliance engine streamlines electronic review and approval, from the approved qualification plan to a configurable, secure and digitally-signed final report that is audit-ready and consistent across the entire enterprise. It also enables users to run compliance tests on multiple instruments simultaneously, further reducing downtime.


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