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CSD Solid Form Suite

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) has announced CSD Solid Form Suite to support pharmaceutical and agrochemical development. Using a knowledge-based approach the Solid Form Suite provides guidance and decision support for form screening and selection, enabling quality by design from an early stage.

Developed with a consortium of major pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, the CSD Solid Form Suite includes predictive analytics methods that make use of the millions of intermolecular interactions stored in the CSD to inform on polymorphism and aid in co-former design. Statistical models are built from relevant structures in the CSD, which encapsulate information regarding the environment of the functional groups, ensuring the prediction is specific to the target molecule. The CSD Solid Form Suite is designed to integrate neatly into a lab chemist’s workflow and presents results in a form that supports form screening, selection and risk assessment.

The CSD Solid Form Suite will be generally available at the end of November 2011 as part of the forthcoming 2012 release of the CSD System. 



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