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CS300 SMP system and CS300 LMS system

Cray and ScaleMP have introduced optimised configurations of the Cray CS300 cluster supercomputer, the Cray CS300 SMP system (a shared memory parallel system) and the Cray CS300 LMS system (a large memory system). Both products preconfigured solutions feature ScaleMP’s vSMP Foundation software that is designed to deliver large-scale, high-performance virtual machines for complex modelling analysis and big data challenges.

Preconfigured and managed as one single system, the CS300 SMP and CS300 LMS solutions eliminate the need for separate cluster management software or having to update multiple operating systems and associated applications. With the CS300 LMS system, users can exploit the power of fast access to high speed memory in data analytics visualisation for scientific research exploration, engineering design simulations, bioinformatics, weather simulations, and more. Cray CS300 SMP users can leverage the processing speed and large memory in analytics and simulations in areas such as electronic design automation, mechanical computer-aided engineering, bioinformatics and financial analysis.

The CS300 SMP base system features a total of 360 Intel Xeon cores with 4.75 terabytes (TB) of memory and a configuration choice for a single- or dual-rail FDR InfiniBand interconnect. An upgrade option is available to increase total cores to 680 and memory to 8.75TB. The CS300 LMS base system is designed specifically for extremely high RAM requirements that cannot be satisfied by traditional dual-socket or quad-socket systems. These systems scale from 4.75 to 8.75TB of memory and from 20 to 32 cores using Intel Xeon processors.

The CS300 SMP and LMS systems are based on air-cooled configurations of the Cray CS300 system, and feature hot-swappable, redundant high-efficiency power supplies for energy efficiency, reliability and serviceability. These systems are installed in a standard rack cabinet with optional 480V power distribution, and a choice of 208V or 277V three-phase power supplies. In addition, an option for chilled cooling rack, rear door heat exchangers keeps these densely populated configurations extra cool.


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