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Cray CX1-LC

Cray's CX1-LC deskside supercomputer, with a base price under $12k, can improve scientific productivity and product development at a lower cost.The Cray CX1-LC deskside supercomputer – the 'LC' stands for 'Light Configuration' – is designed to make using HPC systems easy and affordable for customers in a variety of situations.

The Cray CX1-LC system offers a Cray cluster architecture at an affordable price, with familiar working environments such as Windows HPC Server 2008 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The Cray CX1-LC system pricing starts at levels similar to high-end workstations, but provides far more performance, flexibility and headroom for growth. The Cray CX1-LC supercomputer can place the dual benefits of a high-end workstation and a small cluster at a user’s desk.

With a variety of available blades, the Cray CX1-LC deskside supercomputer allows customers to configure the system that best meets their needs, and can easily be upgraded to a full Cray CX1 supercomputer and beyond.

Available with the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series and certified as an Intel Cluster Ready System, the Cray CX1-LC deskside supercomputer supports 1-4 compute blades, including visualisation and GPGPU blades, in a simplified Cray CX1 chassis. As with the original Cray CX1 system, the Cray CX1-LC product can be configured with storage options that include solid-state drives (SSDs) or large capacity, fixed-drive storage blades. 


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