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Cray appoints Steve Scott to senior vice president and chief technology officer

Cray has announced that Steve Scott has rejoined the Company as senior vice president and chief technology officer. With more than two decades of supercomputing experience at Cray, NVIDIA and Google, Scott returns to Cray to help define the technology that will drive the Company’s next generation of supercomputing and big data solutions.

“For our company and throughout our industry, Steve coming back to Cray is very significant and, in a sense, it’s similar to LeBron James returning home to Cleveland,” said Peter Ungaro, president and CEO of Cray. “I am very excited that Steve has rejoined our all-star technical team at Cray as we work to build differentiated, high-value solutions for our customers at the convergence of supercomputing and big data. Steve is an incredibly talented supercomputing expert, and all of us at Cray are excited he is back as our CTO.”

Prior to rejoining Cray, Scott served as a principal engineer at Google in the Google Platforms group and was previously the senior vice president and chief technology officer for the Tesla business unit at NVIDIA. Scott began his career at Cray in 1992, and rose to the position of senior vice president and chief technology officer. Scott was instrumental in the design of several Cray supercomputing systems, including the Cray X1 scalable vector supercomputer and the Cray Cascade supercomputing system, which became the Cray XC series of high-end supercomputers. He received his Ph.D. in computer architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has received numerous industry awards in supercomputing architecture.

“I’m excited to return to my roots in supercomputing and rejoin the team here at Cray,” said Scott.  “Cray is flourishing in the supercomputing space and expanding rapidly in storage, big data and analytics. This is an exciting time for the Company, and I look forward to working again with our talented team of Crayons to bring new innovations to our future products and customers around the world.”


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