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Core LIMS/Core ELN

Core Informatics, a provider of data management solutions to the life sciences, molecular diagnostics, and energy industries, and OpenEye Scientific Software, a leading developer of innovative molecular modelling and cheminformatics solutions for molecular discovery, have announced a partnership.

The two companies intend to integrate OpenEye cheminformatics software into Core Informatics’ web-based laboratory information management system (Core LIMS) and electronic lab notebook (Core ELN).

The Core LIMS and Core ELN offer a wide array of features through a flexible component-based architecture that provides organisations with individually tailored data management solutions.

Core Informatics’ introduction of an OpenEye powered Chemical Registration Application enables user access to the robust chemistry handling processes available in OpenEye’s cheminformatics suite within the Core LIMS.

OpenEye’s focus on quality chemistry, speed and data integrity enable extraordinary performance in capabilities such as compound registration, unique compound identification, search and retrieval of exact and similar molecules, enhanced structure visualisation, and reaction handling, the company says.


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