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JChem Version 2

ChemAxon has released Instant JChem Version 2, a desktop application for working with chemical data on local and remote databases. The new release includes: a form building feature, relational data support, advanced query building and multi-user access. The Personal edition of the software is free for all users.

Instant JChem combines both ChemAxon's Marvin and JChem enterprise cheminformatics toolkits with a local database engine to give an 'out of the box' solution for research informatics. Users can easily create databases, with powerful chemical and non-chemical queries. They can import, merge and export a wide range of structure file types, populate database columns with dynamically generated structure based properties, and customise views and forms to help analyse and report their findings.

For software developers and IT architects Instant JChem includes its own application programming interface (API) for customisation. With the underlying JChem toolkits, this makes the software very flexible for deploying and building centralised, scalable research informatics platforms.


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