Core Informatics introduces Core Collaboration for Science

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Core Informatics, a leader in scientific data management software for accelerating scientific research, collaboration and discovery, has announced the release of Core Collaboration, an agile solution developed to power successful partnerships around the world.

Core Collaboration is a private, secure cooperative platform which exponentially speeds innovation and information sharing, providing immediate, securely sequestered access to partners and talent around the world. There are five common partnership models, all of which need unique collaborative ecosystems. A successful platform must be easily configured to fit the requirements of any organization.

Organizations are under increased pressure to create more with less, increase profits and do it all in less time. Core Collaboration is a first of its kind data and knowledge sharing platform, allowing sponsors and partners around the globe to interact in real-time in a secure, configurable environment that supports any partnership model – speeding innovation while safe-guarding vital research data. Multiple secure Collaboration Spaces can be created or decommissioned within hours using a single compute infrastructure, and rapidly pre-populated with the appropriate products and applications using established business rules. Collaboration Spaces are accessible from any device at any time, and can be configured to support any scientific discipline. Collaboration Dashboards provide immediate management updates via synchronous data exchange, giving insight across all partner activities.

“We selected Core Informatics and Core Collaboration because we partner our proprietary and integrated target and lead-ID platform and expertise across many companies at once. For us, transparency of data and common vocabularies are extraordinarily important during collaborations” said Art Morales, Ph.D., Vice President of Informatics at Beryllium, a leader in rational drug discovery.  “We believe the best way to work with our clients is through an open process.  Informatics can help to empower effective knowledge sharing and speed collaborative initiatives.”

Businesses are looking for fresh approaches and external partnerships to accelerate new product initiatives and rapidly facilitate collaborations. Web-based Core Collaboration empowers science based organizations to create tremendous value with teamwork, speed, mobility, efficiency, and access to big data, while reducing IT complexity and cost.

Core Collaboration runs on Platform for Science, Core Informatics’ Scientific Platform-as-a-Service offering, designed to enable users to configure their system to meet these changing needs. Platform for Science provides a marketplace of Core products and integrated partner applications, including fully integrated LIMS, ELN, Core Collaboration and SDMS for customers engaged in all phases of scientific product development and innovation. Platform for Science allows customers to rapidly scale up their environments as their needs grow and they add CROs, CMOs or other partners to their research ecosystems. Platform for Science provides powerful RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces) which enable clients, partners and application developers to integrate with existing software applications and instrumentation.