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Part Engineering's Converse package provides a coupling between FEM solvers for injection moulding simulation and mechanical simulation.

A mapping of anisotropic part properties such as fibre orientations and residual stresses, as well as a mapping of scalars like pressures, temperatures, heat transfer coefficients, wall thicknesses and shrinkage/warpage, is possible.

Converse enables the consideration of the anisotropic mechanical behaviour of injection-moulded, short-fibre-reinforced plastics parts in FE analysis. Part stiffness as well as failure can be predicted more accurately; conventional isotropic approaches do not consider the influences of fibres.

Using the pressure-mapping capability an assessment of mould deformations, such as core shifts and inserts during the filling phase, can be made. The temperature mapping capability considers the thermal loading of temperature-sensible inserts.

The mapping of shrinkage/warpage and residual stresses makes it possible to conduct structural analyses with the actual part geometry opposed to the ideal CAD geometry.

Converse software is part of the HyperWorks Partner Alliance (HWPA).


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