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Bricsys Meeting Point

Bricsys has announced Bricsys Meeting Point, a new online communication hub for end users, application developers, and Bricsys’ .dwg specialists. When a problem occurs with a third-party application running on AutoCAD or Bricscad, end users can post support requests at Bricsys Meeting Point and the system then automatically sends messages to the appropriate application developer. When developers post their responses, they appear in the users’ ‘My Stuff’ area with the full history of all support requests. At any time, the end user or the application developer can call on the Bricsys team for help.

In the ‘Community Feed’ section, users can communicate directly with other participants and post short messages about any topic. They can fine-tune types of content and areas of interest in ‘Feed Settings’. Application developers can post short messages in the ‘Application Feed’ section that are visible to those users who indicated interest in that application range.


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