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ConfigurationDesk 6.0: More Efficiency for dSPACE SCALEXIO Users

Version 6.0 of dSPACE ConfigurationDesk is now available. The new software package aims to make the implementation software for the dSPACE SCALEXIO systems more user-friendly.

This new version features a completely revised user interface which better guides users through their workflows and supports a more efficient way of working. Interaction with the Simulink development environment has also been improved.

ConfigurationDesk 6.0 makes it easier and more efficient to perform hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and rapid control prototyping (RCP) tasks with SCALEXIO.

The revised ConfigurationDesk user interface provides context-oriented user guidance with a central navigation bar and dynamic ribbons. Task-specific view sets now show users the precise content and functionalities they need in the associated work step, keeping the number of open windows to a minimum and providing a better overview. The new user interface of ConfigurationDesk also introduces other enhancements, such as a revised Properties Browser with several new functions for filtering and grouping properties.

With ConfigurationDesk, models from various modelling environments can be connected to the SCALEXIO hardware via the FMI standard. MATLAB/Simulink models can also be directly connected to ConfigurationDesk. The new version 6.0 particularly improves the close interaction with Simulink.

A new menu in Simulink makes it possible to perform tasks in ConfigurationDesk from within the modelling environment, such as creating projects and starting the build process. Users can conveniently switch between the simulation model and the configuration of the real-time system at all times. Additionally, it is now easy to propagate changes that were made to the model interfaces in ConfigurationDesk to the Simulink environment. 


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