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Compatibility upgrades with NI

Maplesoft has announced a product upgrade that extends connectivity to key hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) products from National Instruments (NI). In addition to connectivity to NI LabView, which was announced recently, this updated MapleSim add-on also lets users connect to the new NI VeriStand product. NI VeriStand is a ready-to-use software environment for configuring real-time testing applications, including HIL test systems. The MapleSim Connector for LabView and NI VeriStand Software integrates MapleSim's rich modelling environment into the popular LabView and NI VeriStand real-time platforms. Engineers using LabView or NI VeriStand can quickly develop and optimise complex engineering system models in the intuitive visual modelling environment of MapleSim.

The product allows complex engineering system models to be developed and optimised rapidly in the intuitive visual modelling environment of MapleSim. Additionally, high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to user-code blocks for easy inclusion in LabView VIs and NI VeriStand applications. Model code is fully optimised for high-speed real-time simulation, allowing users to get the performance needed for HIL testing without sacrificing fidelity.


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