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Unistat 6.0

Unistat is a comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also work as an Excel add-in. Version 6.0 offers a powerful statistical tool with little to no learning curve, which can help researchers use reliable statistics, whether commonly used tests or advanced procedures. New procedures include equivalence tests, intraclass correlation coefficients, Cramer-von Mises and Anderson-Darling normality tests, noninferiority, superiority and equivalence tests for binomial proportion, stratified analysis, box-cox regression, Weibull analysis, process capability analysis, Gauge R&R analyses, and data transformations.

Graphics options have been improved and include graphs with reciprocal, gompit or loglog axes, or with log based to any user-defined value, in addition to already existing scale options such as linear, log base 10, log base e, logit and probit. Unistat 6.0 runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows 7, Vista, XP and integrates with all versions of Office, 97 through to 2010.


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