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ClearVu Analytics Modeler and Global Optimizer for Optimus

Noesis Solutions and Divis Intelligent Solutions have jointly announced the integration of ClearVu Analytics Modeler and ClearVu Global Optimizer into Optimus. Exclusive access to both modules allows Optimus users to obtain highest response surface quality for any given application and tackle high-dimensional, non-linear global design optimisation challenges. The integration of Divis’ methods into the Optimus platform for process integration and design optimisation enables users to design benchmark products faster, delivering higher margins, profits and market share.

Noesis Solutions' Optimus platform facilitates the identification of superior product designs, by managing a parametric simulation campaign using manufacturers’ existing simulation tools. Optimus users typically use Design of Experiments (DOE) to define a virtual experiment plan that acquires the most relevant design information possible with minimum simulation effort.  They then use this information set to explore the design improvement potential using Response Surface Modelling (RSM) methods and to identify an optimised product design considering multiple objectives and constraints. The Analytics Modeler continuously optimises the learning parameters for all available RSM methods, avoiding the widespread phenomenon of over fitting models to the data.

The second ClearVu module that is exclusively available in Optimus is the Global Optimizer. It is a powerful algorithm developed for non-linear design optimisation, potentially covering multiple disciplines and objectives. This new optimiser integrated into Optimus resolves complex design optimisation tasks, including problems with high-dimensional, mixed-integer objective functions. Furthermore, it applies dedicated evolutionary optimisation strategies and automatically adapts strategy parameterisation.


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