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CLC Genomics Server v2.0

CLC bio has released version 2.0 of CLC Genomics Server, its enterprise platform for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. It has been expanded with a wide range of new and improved features assisting organisations of any size in building and managing a modern, flexible, and efficient enterprise platform for analysing and handling high-throughput sequencing data.

New features include the ability to parallelise job executions on multiple computers at the same time, through multiple 'job nodes'. Third party command-line tools and algorithms can now be easily integrated, providing end users easy and user-friendly access through a graphical user interface. Also included is support for file sharing and data management on both file-systems as well as databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Finally, there is now also support for additional high-throughput sequencing analyses, including Digital Gene Expression (RNA-sequencing), complementing the de novo assembly, reference assembly, SNP and DIP detection, as well as ChIP-seq analysis.

CLC bio's three-tier enterprise platform comprises user-friendly desktop applications, server software for doing the heavy calculations on existing or new powerful central computers, and centralised data sharing and data management. Furthermore, CLC Genomics Server includes an Application Programming Interface (API) for integration and custom plug-in development making it the most flexible bioinformatics server solution on the market.


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