Chromeleon 7.1

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Dionex has presented Chromeleon 7.1, an enterprise-ready version of the Chromeleon 7 chromatography data system, at Pittcon. Dynamic new interactive charts reveal patterns in results and provide interactive links to chromatograms, spectra and tables. The analysis of the data is aided by the Cobra peak detection wizard and SmartPeaks integration assistant. Using advanced signal processing to distinguish true peaks from noise, and sophisticated curve-fitting techniques to accurately locate peak maxima and inflection points, the wizard integrates all types of chromatograms using a few simple parameters.

Users are prompted to define the integration range and select the narrowest and smallest peaks to be integrated, before the algorithm instantly integrates every chromatogram in the sequence. Chromeleon 7.1 also supports 3D Amperometry which enables the study and characterisation of non-chromophoric compounds with lower cost and complexity, compared to mass spectrometry.

The software supports Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista, and Windows XP, and is fully scalable from a single workstation to a global enterprise. It also adds support for Dionex Summit HPLCs, ASE accelerated solvent extractors, and fluorescence detectors, as well as LCs and GCs from Agilent, Waters, and Shimadzu.