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ChemBioOffice Workgroup 2009

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice Workgroup 2009, which adds more e-notebook functionality available previously to enterprise customers.

Prior to the release of Workgroup 2009, customers had only desktop and enterprise solutions to choose from. Desktop served the needs of individual users, while enterprise supported large organisations using Oracle. Workgroup, compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, addressed the need for an 'in between' solution. Now small groups that work collaboratively and need a shared solution, but which may not have the resources to deploy a fully-fledged Oracle Enterprise application, can benefit from the functionality of a robust solution without the cost of extensive customisation and deployment.

The E-Notebook 11.5 component of Workgroup 2009 further narrows the gap between Workgoup and Enterprise by addressing a number of customer requests for features. With E-Signatures, users can now electronically sign documents with coauthors and witnesses and store them in a separate database to protect intellectual property. The Work Offline feature allows individuals to work while disconnected from the database, and then synchronise the changes once reconnected. With Batch Explorer, users can now view a reaction tree showing successors and predecessors of a selected batch or compound. E-Notebook 11.5 also offers improved text and structure searching, and each of the Workgroup components (E-Notebook, Inventory, BioAssay) now support Microsoft Office 2007.

ChemBioOffice Workgroup Pro 2009 is comprised of the three Workgroup applications: BioAssay Workgroup 11.0, Inventory Workgroup 11.0, and E-Notebook Workgroup 11.5. Workgroup Ultra 2009 adds the ChemBioViz Ultra suite (ChemBioDraw Ultra, ChemBio3D Ultra and ChemFinder Ultra) of scientific desktop applications for a complete scientific software solution for chemists and biologists at their desktops and across their organisations.


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