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ChemBioOffice 10

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice 2010, the latest version of its suite of integrated scientific desktop applications designed to aid individual chemists and biologists at their desktops, while also providing a shared solution across an institution.

ChemBioOffice 2010's three core applications - ChemBioDraw, ChemBio3D and ChemBioFinder/ChemBioViz – remain at the heart of the ChemBioOffice Ultra 2010 suite. New developments in ChemDraw include improvements to Nameó Struct and the Sequence Tool, new BioDraw Pathway Templates, Rotation about Arbitrary Centers, ChemScript Integration, support for full RBG colour, and more. ChemBio3D adds Stochastic Conformational Analysis, the MMFF94 Force Field is enhanced to use multiple processors for calculations, a new fast multi-pole method for electrostatics, truncation approximations and a user-settable dielectric constant. ChemBioFinder/ChemBioViz now features clustering and integration with Statistica Base for more in depth statistical analysis.

Other significant offerings in the collection include desktop versions of CambridgeSoft's Enterprise applications E-Notebook, BioAssay, Inventory, and access to a number of important online databases such as ChemACX (for up-to-date product information from over 500 chemical vendors) and the ChemIndex compound reference database. Partner applications MNova-Lite (visualization and analysis of NMR data) and Statistica Base (data analysis), and a host of other tools, round out the integrated solution.   


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