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ChemAxon version 6

ChemAxon, a leader in chemistry software solutions and consulting services for life science research, has announced version 6 of its cheminformatics suite. This major software release introduces four new products: Marvin for JavaScript, Instant JChem Web Client, REST Web Services, and the Plexus project, a public beta of a web-based discovery application for bench scientists. In addition, enhancements across the ChemAxon Marvin/JChem product suite improve the user experience, computational performance and collaboration support, and enable more effective chemistry data management.

In version 6 for scientists, all GUIs are refreshed to simplify both the user experience and access to key chemistry functions; there is improved integration with Microsoft Office; and Marvin for JavaScript provides a new light-weight chemical editor for web pages which does not require Java. Furthermore, Plexus, a new web-based application for medicinal and computational chemists, features dynamic data visualisation.

Features in version 6 for enterprise IT include Instant JChem Web Client, which enables Instant JChem data visualisation forms to be easily made available and worked with as Web pages; new REST Web Services to complement existing SOA Web Services; new search features and indexing support for ISIS and ChemDraw Excel workbooks in JChem for SharePoint; and enhanced compound registration capabilities, including project-related data storage.


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