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CFdesign 2010

Blue Ridge Numerics has released CDdesign 2010, a CFD application that provides a CAD-driven study environment as part of a highly efficient workflow.

This major upgrade addresses the needs of design engineers by providing a CFD environment that enables intuitive, fast, and simple setup and exploration of all what-if design scenarios helping to uncover critical CFD data on the first try. First time, occasional, and advanced users are able to make decisions that satisfy pass-fail targets, while exploring ideas that can improve quality and drive innovation.

CFdesign 2010 streamlines and strengthens the decision-making process. It provides a flexible environment to create and manage flow and thermal design studies containing single or multiple scenarios, and the new process for assessing performance comparatively against competing designs as well as specified critical values is intuitive and instantaneous. Additionally, design feedback is expressed in standard engineering terms, so engineers can locate critical pieces of information on the first try without having to be a CFD expert or dig through mountains of CFD outputs. The straightforward flexible workflow brings the opportunity for design teams to satisfy multiple design criteria and drive innovation to the forefront.


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