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CADWorx Plant Professional 2013

CADWorx Plant Professional 2013, the newest version of Intergraph's AutoCAD-based, intelligent 3D plant design and modelling solution, is now available. Producing accurate and intelligent 3D plant models, CADWorx 2013 improves the plant design and deliverables creation process. Piping components operate as a single system, allowing a plant designer to move, resize and change the specification as a single line without the need to modify each component individually. Piping is intuitive; as a line is built, the software understands how to fit each component to the next and automatically adjusts to match. This allows a designer to perform modifications on lines with minimal effort while ensuring that the entire line has been properly adjusted.

The company states that CADWorx 2013’s routing tools and intuitive components also significantly reduce design times, while the new change-size and routing capabilities allow faster and more flexible modifications and edits. The Assembly View Palette feature is new to the plant design market and enables users to build and save a complete assembly of a piping system that can be re-used in the future parametrically. This feature allows for common assemblies used throughout a project to be designed, developed and modelled once, and then re-used quickly in different areas of the plant system.

Further features include the CADWorx Specification Editor, which provides a greater level of control over project requirements, and the CADWorx Plant Design Suite for process plant design, which offers intelligent drawing-to-database connectivity, advanced levels of design automation and easy-to-use design tools.


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