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Bright Computing Receives Horizon 2020 Grant from European Commission

Bright Computing, a provider of hardware-agnostic cluster and cloud management software, has announced that it has been awarded a grant of more than 1.5 million Euros by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 program.

The grant will be used for the Bright Beyond HPC program, which focuses on enhancing and scaling Bright's industry-leading management platform for advanced IT infrastructure, including high performance computing clusters, big data clusters, and OpenStack-based private clouds.

Awarded by the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), the Horizon 2020 program supports hand-picked businesses with global ambitions that want to disrupt the established value networks and existing markets. Bright will receive both funding and world-class business coaching.

Over the past few years, more of Bright’s HPC users have been combining high-performance computing, big data, and cloud infrastructure, and they are seeking to apply common management platforms and paradigms across them. The Bright Beyond HPC program involves deepening Bright’s capabilities in managing high performance computing clusters, as well as extending these capabilities further – and in a tightly integrated way – across big data clusters and OpenStack based private clouds.

Bright Beyond HPC involves developing, testing, demonstrating, and validating additional software modules and functions for Bright Cluster Manager for HPC, Bright Cluster Manager for Big Data, and Bright OpenStack that will enable current and future users in enterprise, government, academic, and research organizations to manage their advanced IT infrastructures more easily than ever before.

"Bright Computing is honoured to receive this grant and eager to place powerful new management capabilities in the hands of our customers in high performance computing, big data, and cloud," said Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, Bright’s Chief Executive Officer. “We recognize that deployment and use of these advanced technologies is not only expanding but converging, and we remain committed to delivering a powerful, integrated ‘single pane of glass’ management platform that helps IT organizations to gain visibility, control, and peace of mind.”


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