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Bright Cluster Manager 6.0

Bright Computing has introduced Bright Cluster Manager 6.0, which allows organisations to create a cluster in the cloud or burst into the public clouds, such as Amazon EC2, to add capacity to an existing cluster.

The cloud provides a new model of utilisation for traditional and non-traditional HPC users. Customers can quickly gain access to more computing power without significant infrastructure investments. Whether a company wants to expand its existing capacity or is just getting started with HPC, the Bright Cluster Manager 6.0 enables them to more easily access more computing power through a cloud.

Bright Cluster Manager 6.0 enables customers to scale their computing resources while keeping costs and complexity under control. The software provides provision, monitoring, scheduling, and management capabilities for all types of HPC clusters. With version 6.0, Bright Computing is extending those capabilities to include virtual resources without requiring expert knowledge of Linux or cloud computing. With a few clicks, customers can create new clusters or add cloud-based resources in minutes.


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