Bricscad V13

Bricsys has launched Bricscad V13 for the Windows operating system, further extending the software with new 2D features and assembly modelling for the mechanical CAD market. This functionality will also be externalised through APIs to support the Bricscad partner community in the development of new value-added solutions.

This latest version includes many new functions including the organisation of .dwg files in hierarchical structures of mechanical components; kinematic analysis that allows for moving or rotating parts of a model to solve real-time forward and inverse kinematic problems; and a Powerdimensions module that adds extra functionality for dimensioning 2D mechanical CAD drawings.

The English language versions of the Bricscad V13 software, including the free 30 day trial version, are available now and can be downloaded from the Bricsys website or obtained from a Bricscad sales point in one of more than 70 countries worldwide. Translated versions in more than 15 languages, as well as the 64-bit version of the software will be made available towards the end of the year.


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