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Bricscad V10

Bricsys has released Bricscad V10, a DWG CAD system with a complete and recognisable feature set. Bricscad V10 adds innovation by introducing eBridge, which gives the user file versioning, file history, sharing files with others, control on access rights, a fast online viewer with annotations history, workflow processing, among other features. eBridge is a SaaS service integrated in Bricscad V10 and extends desktop CAD with online CAD management. It makes Bricscad V10 the perfect CAD-platform for teams.

Besides eBridge, version 10 offers a range of performance improvements and enhancements: smooth and fast view panning, smart selection highlighting, cycling through entities during selection, snap tracking with parallel alignment to Z-axis, gradient hatches, PDF export using plot style tables are just a few.


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