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Axxia include BE8 mode support for Linux

LSI has announced its Axxia multicore family of network communication processors and accelerators now include big endian BE8 mode support for the latest version of Wind River Linux.

LSI Axxia communication processors use ARM Cortex-A15 cores that are designed to deliver both increased performance and power efficiency. Wind River Linux 6 includes expanded hardware support for these latest ARM 32 and 64 bit processors. Built on the Yocto Project open source development infrastructure, Wind River Linux 6 also uses the latest Linux kernel to ensure customers have commercially supported access to the newest advancements from the open source community.

LSI provides a suite of wireless application enablement software for its Axxia family of processors and accelerators. LSI’s high-performance layer two through four software packages provide a complete wireless transport solution for networking OEMs, eliminating the need to invest in data plane software development.


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