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Arka EK001/002

E4 Computer Engineering, an Italian manufacturer for HPC environments, has released product additions to its Arka series, powered by SECO.

The E4 Arka EK001 is a Kayla-platform based system equipped with Nvidia Tegra Quad-Core ARM A9 CPU as well as 1 GPU Nvidia. The system has a low-power consumption given by the implementation of the CPU ARM, coupled with the outstanding performance guaranteed by the GPU.

Another particular attractiveness of the EK001 is its size, the company says – small enough to fit comfortably on a desktop and suitable for developers working in universities, finance, media and graphics. Applications range from seismic processing, signal and image processing to video analytics and traffic analysis.

The second product, the E4 Arka EK002, is a 3U twin computing node, each node consisting of 1  Nvidia Tegra3 CPU Quad-Core ARM and 1 Nvidia GPU K20 as well as being equipped with Mellanox Technologies ConnectX-3 FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand Adapter.

Again, the presence of the ARM processor ensures low-power consumption and E4 says this represents the first-ever solution of this kind, one energy-efficient platform for HPC to be used on GPU-centric applications. The system, designed for data centre placement, is an innovative development platform for HPC, finance, energy, and defence and delivers excellent results with relatively limited costs.

'We have a fantastic business connection with SECO when it comes to experimentation and innovation,' said Piero Altoè, HPC sales manager (EMEA) of E4 Computer Engineering. 'The SECO mITX GPU DevKit (Kayla Platform) on which our series is based is one of the most interesting devices able to create low power, low-energy, high-performance appliances, which are of utmost importance for any HPC user.'


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