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Ansoft Designer 5.0 with Nexxim 5.0

Ansys has released Ansoft Designer 5.0 and Nexxim 5.0, an engineering simulation platform and integrated technology that supports simulation-driven product development of electronic products. Powerful new features have been added to these latest versions that compress the electronic design and analysis cycle. For example, links with Ansys DesignXplorer software enable design of experiments, sensitivity studies and six-sigma design. Additionally, a distributed-solve high-performance computing (HPC) capability has been added that allows engineers to analyse process variations within a full signal integrity (SI) analysis across a network of computers. For radio frequency (RF) and microwave design, Ansoft Designer 5.0 with Nexxim 5.0 feature a new system simulation engine that allows engineers to simulate entire wireless systems while linking to highly accurate transistor and electromagnetic models.

The Ansoft Designer 5.0 and Nexxim 5.0 suite also offers new product packaging that customises and streamlines Ansoft Designer and Nexxim simulation technology into application-specific software tools for engineers focused on signal integrity analysis or RF and microwave design. The new packages, named DesignerSI and DesignerRF, integrate technology from Ansoft Designer and Nexxim into application-specific engineering platforms that are easy to use and straightforward to acquire.


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