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AMD CAL/IL and OpenCL for HMPP workbench

Caps, a supplier of directive-based compiler technology with its HMPP (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming) flagship workbench, has released two AMD CAL/IL and OpenCL back-end code generators, plus support for Windows operating system.

While CAL/IL uses the performance of AMD Stream processors, OpenCL matches HMPP code generation. OpenCL provides a low level API that enables users to fine tune the programming of parallel processors from various hardware vendors coupled to general purpose CPU processors. HMPP positions itself as a high level abstraction for manycore programming, thus removing developers need for a deep knowledge of the underlying hardware architecture.

In addition to Linux x86_64, HMPP is opening to a wider developers' community with a Windows x86_64 release running with Visual Studio. By complementing the existing HMPP Cuda compiler with two new back-ends, HMPP now fully addresses GPUs, today's most adopted parallel compute co-processors.


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